Our Affiliation

Our affiliation is with Scholé Communities, which supports homeschooling co-ops that employ the content of a classical curriculum and pursue restfulness in learning.  The Greek word for leisure is scholé (skoh-LAY).  As Dr. Christopher Perrin wrote in Recovering Leisure in Education, scholé “is a restful learning that comes from discussion, conversation and reflection among good friends.  Visit Scholé Communities to learn more about the marvelous benefits of being under the umbrella of this association of homeschooling cooperatives.

Our Aim

Our aim is to come alongside home educating families who seek a Christian classical authentic liberal arts education for their children, but who desire assistance with structure, content and implementation, and value growing together in community through shared experiences.

Our Target

Our target is PK- 6th grade students and their families. Our community currently offers three groups: Primer (PK), Lower Grammar (K- 2) and an Upper Grammar (3-6th). While student learning is at the core, parent-teacher education and mentorship is also an integral part of our purpose.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is classical emphasising the seeking after truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of authentic liberal arts and the great, or living books.  It is also history-led, meaning this informs our literature, poetry, geography and fine arts studies for the year. We will rotate yearly through one of the three cycles of historical study- Ancient Civilizations, Pre-Reformation to Modern and American History. Our content has everyone in the family engaging with the same general strands of study (memory work, virtue education, geography, history, science. nature study, poetry, literature, narrations, art and music appreciation) with each appropriately scaled.  This lends itself to unison throughout our community and in our homes.  You will need to select your own math and phonics / spelling curriculum.  However, we have many great suggestions and are here to help you make a plan of its implementation as well.