A Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling

Are you considering homeschooling this fall, but feel like you don’t even know where to start? In this FREE Start Here: A Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling I will share with you the steps you will need to take to get yourself started. Including…

  • How to find your state and local legal requirements

  • How to write a Notice of Intent

  • How to choose the right curriculum at the appropriate level

  • How to create a plan of study and resource list for multiple levels

  • How to create a family homeschool vision statement

  • How to create a filing system that works

After 8 years as a homeschool mama of five spanning from PK to highschool, it is my hope by sharing parts of my journey and tapping into some of what I have learned, that this guide will not only ease some of your anxieties, but also empower you as you choose a different path for you and your family.