Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is classical emphasising the seeking after truth, goodness, and beauty and the study of authentic liberal arts and the great, or living books. We will rotate through one of three cycles each year with the specific content within each strand (subject) differing year to year.  Our curriculum is history-led, meaning this informs our literature, poetry, geography and fine arts studies for the year. We will rotate yearly through one of the three cycles of historical study- Ancient Civilizations, Pre-Reformation to Modern and American History. Our content has everyone in the family engaging with the same general strands of study (memory work, virtue education, geography, history, science. nature study, poetry, literature, narrations, art and music appreciation) with each appropriately scaled and will rotate through one of three cycles per year.  This lends itself to unison throughout our community and in our homes.  

** You will need to select your own math and phonics / spelling curriculum.  However, we have many great suggestions and are here to help you make a plan of its implementation as well. **

A feast of ideas and artifacts are spread out upon the table at the beginning of each new term, for each family to then choose what to engage with more intimately depending on their unique values, goals, rhythms and persons.

In a Snapshot, This Year We Will Study...

Bible One Bible passage will be provided, studied and memorized each term.

Virtue One virtue will be provided, discussed, and practiced each term with additional resources.

Hymn One hymn will be provided, studied, sung and learned each term. 

Poetry Students will spend a whole term reading and delighting in selections of poetry from one poet. The main purpose of this practice is to familiarize students with the beauty and delight of poetry. Students will be encouraged to commit one poem (or selection) to memory each term.

Picture Study Students will spend each term beholding representative works of one  artist. On occasion, this will be accompanied by imitation of masterworks in various media (watercolors, chalk, etc.).

Music Appreciation  Students will spend a whole term exploring representative musical works and the life of one composer.

Literature One or two living books related to the time period under study will be suggested to be read aloud per term.  In addition, each term Upper Grammar (3-6th) students will be invited to read one one assigned book, related to the time period under study.  This book will be discussed once virtually at the end of each term.

History Students will be introduced to 24 facts, or pegs of knowledge each year from various historical happenings.  Corresponding living history books will be suggested to be read aloud and narrated / illustrated each week.  A list of optional Hands On History explorations for further study within each term’s time period will be provided as well.

Timeline Each week seven events from a timeline set will be introduced and studied using a timeline song with American Sign Language.  Students will also be encouraged to make one entry in their Book of Centuries weekly.

Geography This year the students will focus on various parts of the world through map study and weekly map tracing and drawing.  In addition, each year students will study one of Holling C. Holling’s delightful story books, integrating geography lessons to give students a firm grasp of geography. 

Science In addition to weekly memory work from various fields of science, we will focus more intently on one topic for the year.  We will delve into this field of study more deeply through books, narration notebooks and suggested hands on explorations. 

Nature Study Students will explore nature weekly through outdoor discoveries and learning the art of nature journaling.

Memory Work Students will learn other essential facts, or pegs of knowledge, in addition to History, Science and Timeline, in English Grammar, Math and Latin, with catchy corresponding songs, and chants.

Tea Time Liturgy Each term a tea time liturgy will be provided to set aside a special time to delight and discuss truth, goodness and beauty with others while introducing and practicing basic table etiquette.

Possible Weekly Rhythm of Learning

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