The Parents' Role

Still Waters Scholé is meant to be an homeschooling “spine” for those educating classically. 

We are NOT a school. 

We are a community of homeschooling families with shared values (Christian, classical and restful). 

Still Waters Scholé provides content and serves as a guide, mentor and a resource for participating families

as they seek to implement classical schooling restfully in their home. 

Still Waters Scholé is NOT meant to replace the homeschool parent’s role as their child’s legally responsible educator.

Parents are the legally responsible teacher for their children.

Parents are responsible to oversee their student’s education, assess and maintain any records required by their state and their local school district. You can find your state’s law by going to and your local school district’s requirements by reaching out to your superintendent’s office.  You will need to inform your local school district of your intent to homeschool and provide a course of study at the beginning of each school year as well as  provide your district with the required end of school year assessments.   We have templates that you are welcome to use to make this process easier and are certainly here to help as needed, but ultimately this is your responsibility.

Parents agree to ensure their student are completing their suggested weekly assignments.

Assignment engagements and completion is an integral part of maintaining full student participation, and creating a community of excellence in learning.  Parents are also responsible to ensure their students get the support they need at home to be successful with assigned work, or to reach out for further guidance or assistance. With that said, we value flexibility, so please communicate with us if adaptations to the suggested coursework need to be made.  We are here to help!  

Parents agree to attend mentorship and training events ONLINE when offered throughout the year.

It is highly recommended parents attend all mentorship and training events offered online throughout the year. These sessions be LIVE via Zoom, but will be recorded as well for those who are unable to attend occasionally. The goals of this time are:

  • To answer practical questions you may have as you move through your school year

  • To root and grow us in our understanding of the classical educational model and implementation of it restfully in our homes and in our own lifelong learning pursuits

  • To foster community among the parents.

Parents are expected to volunteer once per term. (Local Community Expolorations ONLY)

There are many ways to serve including, but not limited to:

  •  Assisting with planning, set up, and food and beverage preparation at our 10 community-wide events:

    • Tea Time (beginning of each term)

    • Celebration of Learning (end of each team)

  • Coordinating and/or assisting with the 5 field trips and / or community service opportunities

  • Capturing pictures at our community-wide events

  • Assisting with small group breakouts during our Friday Nature/Music and Storytelling Community Explorations.