Parent Mentorship

An integral part of the mission of Still Water Scholé is to not only walk alongside the participating students, but to be an encourager, an equipper and a mentor to participating parents as well. There are a few ways we hope to carry this out.

Mama Momentum (periodically throughout the year)

Families participating in the program will be invited to participate in a LIVE MAMA MOMENTUM seminar periodically throughout the year. We will learn, discuss, and practice ways to plan our homeschool year for purpose and peace and to grow and implement in the art of homeschooling in our unique homes. This time will also be a place to ask specific questions or discuss challenges you may have.  If your specific questions or concerns are not answered during this time, you can schedule a private consultation as needed and as availability enables.

Parent Scholé / Mentorship (periodically throughout the year)

ALL parents participating in Still Waters Schole will be highly encouraged to attend online training seminars and / or book discussions when offered throughout the year. These sessions will be recorded for occasions when attendance is hindered.  Meeting together regularly will enhance the depth of our community and your effectiveness with implementing a classical model restfully in your homes.

The goals of this time are:

  • To SET ASIDE time and space to inspire, encourage, equip and empower us as Mamas as we too explore and discuss truth, goodness and beauty together!

  • To ROOT and ESTABLISH us in our understanding of the philosophies of classical education model and the implementation of it restfully in our home and in our own lifelong learning pursuits

  • To SEEK and EXPLORE scholé, “undistracted time to study the things more worthwhile usually friends and good food and / or drink."

  • To DISCUSS and to SHARE ways to incorporate what we are learning into our lives and family rhythms.

  • To FOSTER and to GROW in community

Other Benefits

Being a part of Still Waters Scholé, an affiliate of Schole Communities, enables parents access to a plethora of resources through their Schole Communities Memberships.  You will also have access to aspects of Classical U, a classical teacher training program.  

So brew up a cup of coffee, or pour your favorite glass of wine, and let's plan to meet together to seek, grow, and experience the true, the good and the beautiful!