Thank you for your Application Packet Request. Here is a list of the next steps…

Step 1: Watch the Still Waters Scholé 101 Webinar

  •  This is a great place to start to help you better understand our program and philosophies.  You can access it HERE. 


Step 2: Look through the Still Waters Scholé Welcome Packet HERE


Step 3: Ask Questions

  •  Send me an email at [email protected]  to schedule a time to talk further.

  •  Or, you can send questions through the contact page on our website. 


Step 4: Apply

  • Fill out the Application Form
  • Submit the $100 Application Fee, which you will receive access to once we receive your application form.  This is required to reserve your spot for EACH child.  It will be applied, however, to the yearly tuition.


Depending on the program(s), selected payment plan, and discounts you may qualify for, you will receive a personalized invoice in the weeks to come as well as more specifics about the program(s) for which you have applied.  

Again, I thank you for your interest in Still Waters Scholé.  Please let me know if I can assist you in your decision making process.